Harry (Freddie)

I bought Harry from you recently and thought I would let you know he has settled in well and is a real sweety, well behaved and a pleasure to ride. He has taken the activities of the yard, which is quite busy at the moment, in his stride. He comes to call and is a very endearing little chap. A forever horse for me, love him to bits.

Tricia Brooks

2 April 2015


Hello Susan,
Nearly had Timmy a year now, Ellie and him are inseparable.  He has had lots of schooling, lots of love and we couldn't have wished for a better horse for my daughter.  He is a favourite with the whole village as he loves the fuss and attention.  We have been show jumping at Easton College and came third his first time out.  We have been cross country training with Debbie White at Great Witchingham and this weekend we did the Manor Farm Ringland Cross Country as their first competition together. They finished two beautiful clear rounds and came out with Timmy's ears pricked and Ellie beaming from ear to ear.
We hope to go to Great Witchingham this year. 
Kind Regards
Tara Blake

Just a little something to share with the girls at coffee break about our clever Timmy.
Every morning we let paddy, my horse, out of his stable first so he can wee outside in the field (he doesn't like to wee in his stable) and he will walk straight back to his stable waiting for breakfast while we get their feeds.  Timmy has cottoned on to this and now takes the stance of having a wee so Ellie quickly opens the stable door to let him out to wee in field, whereby he gallops off up the field no wee to be had at all!!  

Very clever and mischievous is our Timmy.  

I remember worrying about Timmy being too much for Ellie and you assuring me that was not the case.  I thank you for that as they are both growing together like best friends. Xx
Kinds regards

15 April 2015

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